Benefit POREfessional

| Tashan Cian

You will unlikely ever hear a makeup artist say they are not a fan of primer, but yes that’s me Mr no-primer. The right skin-prep and moisturiser, teamed with the right foundation and powder is all I think is needed to create long wearing flawless skin.

The nude colour of the product and the velvety smooth texture is immediately apparent when applied to the skin. You see instant skin smoothing and mattifying effects, in addition to a little colour correction. I apply the product on the cheeks, nose and forehead. POREfessional gives the skin instant smoothness. For anyone with large pores or uneven skin this product is a must have. It is the ultimate preparation for any foundation base, especially if you’re a flawless skin kinda gal or guy.

Top Tip: apply in target areas to create optimum skin perfection.