Bobbi Brown — Artist Lip Pallet

| Tashan Cian

This Sunday I had a little impulse buy (it happens from time to time). I was browsing the Bobbi Brown stand and I set my eyes on the pro artist lip pallet. I originally wanted to get the BBU pallet but it was out of stock (sad face).

So after having a little browse of the lip pallet I took the plunge, and decided to get it. I think the wide range of colours and the compact style of the pallet is perfect for a freelance makeup artist like me. Travelling with your kit is always a struggle. Having to take as few products as possible, but still ensuring they are versatile. Tough decisions have to be made.

The pallet has a range of warm/cool colours, as well as nudes, peaches, reds. It also has a number of satin, mattes, and frosts. I’d say it’s the smallest, yet most versatile product in my kit, and is perfect for a makeup artist who’d like to build their lipstick collection.

Top Tip – when using the pallete use a makeup spatula to take the product you need out rather than double dipping.