Pixi Mineral Eye Pallete

| Tashan Cian

As a makeup artist I always have my eyes pealed for some new and exciting product or brand that I haven’t tried before. My most recent obsession is the makeup brand Pixi by Petra.

What initially drew me to the brand is the fun mesmerising mineral pallets. I’m always on the look out for new neutral and wearable eyeshadows and the copper peach and emerald gold pallets, both are exactly what I needed in my kit. Everyone wants that ‘summer glow goddess’ look, but with simplicity and ease.

These palletes are great, particularly for when I do my clients. I can create a fun summer sultry look from just one palette. Not only very affordable, infused with loads of botanical and beneficial ingredients, but also very pigmented and easy to blend. So Pizie is great for the everyday makeup wearer trying to recreate one of my looks or to throw a quick look together without feeling scared that they use the wrong colours.

There are 6 shades in each pallet and 5 different colour combinations. With the two I chose to buy, you can do anything from a subtle wash of colour, with the lighter shades; to a more intense night look. They are very versatile and easy use.

Top tip: Use with a primer or with the lid last shadow pens for extra intensity and longevity.