Sleek “matte me” lipgloss

| Tashan Cian

I spent my last weekend browsing what must have been every shop that sells makeup in London. Then this week I was booked for a shoot that was all about bold fun and playful colours. Obviously, the normal high end makeup brands came to mind, but as a makeup artist I constantly crave new and exciting products.

I came across Sleek ‘matte me’ & ‘gloss me’. They are both lipgloss style products, but with the pigment and colour pay off of a lipstick. I took a swatch of the pink colour on my hand, along with some other lip products from the Sleek range and continued to shop around the beauty department. Before I knew it I had a hand like a paint chart, but it was to the matte pink from the ‘gloss me’ range that my eye was drawn to, it just stood out.

The ‘matte me’ lip products are bold also with great colour pay off, and they dry literally like matte paint. The product does not move or bleed (unless you want it too), which is perfect for shoots and evening wear. The matte texture along with the range of on-trend colours are perfect for any makeup artist, or makeup enthusiast, looking to sport a new bold colour on there lips.

Top tip: as this product is matte I’d recommend moisturising and exfoliating your lips before use to get that ultimate smooth lips. Line with a matching lip liner to create your shape and fill in with your ‘matte me’ lip paint and allow the product to set before layering.