Sleek Contour Kits

| Tashan Cian

Highlighting and contouring ? The Sleek contour kit is exactly the kind of mainline product I expect luxury brands should have been offering to the general public. However luckily for us sleek does just this, as far as I am aware there is a range of three colours Light, Medium & Dark. Perfect for any complexion if used correctly

These kits are made of up a dark creamy smooth medium to build-able coverage, cool tone contour powder that we can use to bring shade to those areas of the face we want to sculpt and the silky smooth sheer highlighting powder that can be used to highlight and the high points of the face to bring light and luminosity to the skin.

I would recommend using these powders with something like a mac 168 brush which is a soft angled contour brush, the hair used in the brush is natural hair which is perfect for a powder product like this. The hair is also white so you can see how much or little of the sculpting powders.

Contouring and highlighting is becoming more common in today’s image conscious society, whether we use a bronzer blusher or contour kit to sculpt our faces I definitely believe contour and highlighting becoming more of a mainstream technique

Top Tip: use with a angled brush for ultimate sculpting.