Tom Ford Illuminating Pens

| Tashan Cian

“Tom Ford believes in balance and symmetry”

The Tom Ford illuminating pens are everything a highlighter should be.

“The Illuminating Highlight Pen allows you to enhance, contour or diminish your features to create the appearance of symmetry. The range includes eight highly micronized shades: four tones that catch the light and bring focus to the cheekbones and eyes to create balance and symmetry and four tones that act as skin-priming concealers to diminish flaws and shadows. All eight tones work to soften and diffuse light for a smooth and undetectable finish.”

An illuminating pen of some sort should be in everyone’s makeup bag the best pens can bring light and colour correction without that heavy look on the skin. My favorite colours are the citrine, dusk bisque and amber éclat with these 3 baby’s any makeup artist or consumer could concour the world. The citrine can bring much need luminosity to the skin and under eye without having visible product, we all get tired in the fast paced world we live in so a product like this is perfect on its own or used in combination with a concealer. The fact that the Tom Ford offers such a wide range of shades and tones is impressive. Especially as most luxury cosmetics brand cater to at darkest a Mediterranean skin tone at best.

Overall these illuminating pens provide a much-needed range of colour that is needed to highlight illuminate and balance the majority of skin tones.e ie

 Top Tip: use on the cheek and brow bones and under the eyes for a highlighed look.